Maldives are beautiful, but…after a while, how boring! I will explain later why I am saying this and I also do a preface first: if you love to stay in a luxury resort doing NOTHING, then don’t read this post. If you look for simplicity and comfort, cheaper prices and following the principles of eco-tourism… Enjoy the reading!



TEN years… It seems impossible to me, but it is true.



Hi from Africa, “Torzeona”! Your comments have been awesome!!! It is not easy to make people understanding what does living abroad mean, far away from home. Good work!!!




Ever since I was a child, I have been going to Grado (where is it?? So, you haven’t read the article “Aquileia and Grado”!) with my mum: she passed down to me the passion for the sea, just as my father did for the mountain.



Venetian, little, colourful! I discovered Caorle just two years ago even if it is not far away from home.

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